Sydney SEO Consultant

About Me

Over 5 years experience in online marketing and over 15 years front-end web experience.

Who Am I

I have been passionate about SEO for the past 7 years and working professionally on marketing for 5 years. My qualification – in order of attainment – are; Training & Assessment, News Media (Journalism), Business (Marketing).

Previous to becoming an SEO consultant, I was a hobby web developer where I would build sites based on silly ideas for fun. This experience how since evolved in providing full brandable solutions for start up companies and events needing domain names, logo design, web-development and web/email hosting.

Today my main focus is working with companies that hire me as a consultant and building up their online profiles, leaving a positive digital footprint where their potential prospects gain benefit and increase leads.

Other services I provide are Adwords setup and management, market insights and analysis. I do love to drive around Sydney, so working at a clients location isn't a problem for me.

In my professional years I have worked as an in-house marketing specialist, in-house SEO specialist and Marketing Director. Today I work for one of the best Digital Marketing teams Sydney has to offer. To see my full resume, please head over the information domain.

Often I update my btn_profile_bluetxt_80x15 with the latest blog posts. See my public profile for some author information, browse this blog or browse through my @medium profile.


Testimonials from LinkedIn


Nick is an amazing social entrepreneur. He is an expert in his work and provides great results. He is superbly creative and a hardworking guy. If you give him his space, he will deliver amazing outcomes beyond your expectation. Nick has evolved from a service provider to a good business partner and a great friend.

Bill, SSCA & Community Connection


Having utilised Nick on several tours and projects, we have built a strong and positive relationship with himself and his staff. Always a timely response, always professional and always results driven.

Glenn, Major Label Ent