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Announcing my Balmain and Rozelle Directory

These past few weeks it's been quiet due to the holidays, however, I'm never bored with myself and decided to build a web directory focused on hospitality around my area. Darling Street Review is a small project still being built out, but now live, where all restaurants and cafes around Balmain and Rozelle have been mapped out.

The web directory has over 100 listings before launch with more to come. The marketing strategy will be a local one where I use my offline marketing skills integrated with local SEO digital marketing skills. This is not only a niche directory, but offers good value to locals around the Balmain area and is inviting the community to review their favourite, and not so favourite, haunts.


There have already been two cafes taking on the “claim” process after 4 days of launch and many more to come as meetings are arranged and my community involvement becomes clear.

I'm inviting all my readers to check out the website, make a review, get direction to a place using the google map API feature on the website and discovering Balmain again. You can login with Facebook easily to add a comment or claim a listing.

I'm looking to grow the directory organically by using traditional methods of marketing and monitoring incoming traffic referrers. I have a few ideas on how to start tracking specific types of traffic to give a segmented overview.


The web directory is really just a testing ground for my work, however, this doesn't mean it will be neglected. I will continue to maintain relationships with business owners and layout goals to reach by the end of the year.

See a “claimed listing” example below. A claimed listing will hold a lot more information than one not claimed. Business owners are encourages to claimed the listing for optimising at a small fee.



I hope to keep any news updated on the Darling Street Review website as time goes by, also withing the Facebook page. All details are listed below for following and outreach.




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