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Not all SEOs are Publicity Monsters

OPINION: I just finished reading an article by @bengrubb regarding the complaints towards Publicity Monster and their SEO services, I’m amazed and worried about the nature of this article and would love to get a few things straight.

I don't want the article written to have the potential to give SEO's even more of a bad name! SEO's are already in the dog house in the business world, mainly thanks to black hat SEO, which is generally used to SEO the black market (I'm all for going against Google, but not if it puts people out of business due to a penalty). In my experience, cold calling and email blasting SEO companies have always been something to avoid, and yes, you should just hang up or delete their emails: having said that I don’t want this article to start giving SEO Consultants a bad name. Some of us work very hard to strive towards being an SEO expert, which involves more than just off-site link building.

Link building was a major part of SEO for some time and then Google started releasing algorithm updates to stop over optimising and paid links, which is considered to be a black hat technique. Today the focus for SEO is predominantly online marketing.

There are two different approaches for SEO. There is on-site SEO: which is basically knowing how to structure internal content – then writing that content based on your research findings – with knowledge about microdata and code, all to make it easier for search engines to understand what the website is about. Off-site SEO is a combination of different things that include: content marketing, branding within search engines (including local targeting), building signals from other websites and creating social media strategies. Most SEO's – including myself – also manage advertising account for the extremely high competition keywords.

Looking at the Publicity Monsters website, I can see their largest package includes 20 keywords with well worded features. I don’t see why people would complain from just looking at this, unless their clients are delivering demands on how THEY think it should happen: which is a common occurrence in this particular industry. Another option is some people were penalised by Google for over optimisation, and complained about the SEO not doing a good job, which may well be not the SEO companies control. Another reason for complaints, is simply because Publicity Monster are not very good, which gives Online Marketers that are a bad name: although I've never used them, so I don't know which one to choose there…

My next step to this article was to see how Publicity Monster rank  their clients. I went to the testimonials and pulled out Brisbane North Counselling, someone that gained customer numbers from Publicity Monster. Excellent SERP branding when you look for them directly, however, their most optimised keyword is “relationship counselling Brisbane” at whopping 19% density – according to ahrefs – and they’re on the third page. (Search made at 12:09am 2/2/2014 from Sydney.) They have a huge spike in SE Traffic from Dec and many keywords registering, however, they don’t have any on page one from what I can see. Maybe they're a new client.


As an SEO consultant, I can honestly say that extremely low competition keywords are easy to rank, and will bring you results within weeks. Medium competition keywords will take a bit of time, but generally around three months you will start seeing results. High competition keywords do take some time: if the SEO is good then it will take between six months to a year. Some people never make it to page one, and usually that’s because the other websites you’re in competition with have aged domains, a massive following and are already well established. You will never pass them! Which leads back to what I mentioned earlier “Most SEO's – including myself – also manage advertising account for the extremely high competition keywords.”

Getting to page 1 is never a guarantee, and people that offer this are either taking a punt – hoping only medium competition small businesses make contact – or lying to take your money. I encourage you to find out more about SEO and Online Marketing by clicking on some links below. All three are relevant to this topic and will give you more insight into this industry. Thanks.

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