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Corporate and Freelance based SEO services in Sydney, Australia.

I’m Nick, your Sydney SEO Consultant. I’m based around the CBD area of Sydney and offer vast range of solution for all types of businesses.

For small businesses and sole traders targeting specific locations, I offer three levels of Local SEO packages.

For larger business owners or competitive niches, I have a competitive SEO package and my availability as an SEO consultant in Sydney.

What Do You Need?

If you don’t know what you need, then you’re not alone. This is sometimes all just mumbo jumbo if you’re not familiar with the industry. I’ve done my best to keep it simple on this website, however, I’m much better at talking in a non-technical manner over the phone, so let’s setup a 10-minute phone meeting and discuss what you need and how you’re going to get it.

Let's start talking

Let's discuss further over the phone or via email, perhaps you require a customised strategy or just a one off web site audit.

Digital Marketing

I have a website, but I don’t get any leads

stable-ranking-snapshotYou just need straight up SEO (search engine optimisation) which comes in a few different forms. Local and Competitive. Local SEO is for websites targeting one specific location. Competitive SEO is for websites that can’t quite reach page one.

Firstly, your website will require an SEO health check, which will consist of month one where all the fixes are made. Month two and recurring is being a series of public relations tasks to gain the appropriate connections using SEO as focus.

I have a website, and get leads, but I want more

So, you’re on page one and now you want to grow? I can offer great social media strategies, Adwords strategies plus content marketing strategies. This is heading more towards the advanced part of online marketing and follows a different process. I only take on Sydney based clients, or if you are outside of Sydney, you need to be able to come to Martin Place for meetings.

Services I’m likely going to offer you are;

  • Adwords Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Branding Solutions
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Strategies and Marketing

These tasks are priced based on an hourly rate. I have two separate hourly rates; onsite and offsite. Onsite meaning I work in your location.

If you want to know more about the services above, see a bit more information at my SEM page.

Web Development

I need a brand new website

website-snapshotI offer a few web development solution to fit everyone's budget. Of course, you’re getting what you pay for here. I’ll be your support through the whole process and my developer will finish the task within two week. Some jobs may take longer, depending on functionality.

“The advantage you’re getting by going through me is having a professional developer create the website, which is then passed to me for Technical SEO. You have a clean and search engine friendly website from the start!”

See my web development packages here with all the information you need.

Do you need web hosting and a domain name also? I can assist you with that right now. Just click on web hosting packages and go through the wizard. I’ve made it super simple. Hosting with me makes the web development process faster.

If you require application development, please use this contact form to speak direct with my cloud solution and applications provider. We worth together all the time and they’re great guys.

I need some website fixes

When it comes to coding, unfortunately I only work with static HTML websites and WordPress platforms. I can always take a look at your website before giving you a quote, if you’re on a separate platform.

If you have some random website tasks, such as updates or help with uploads and layouts, reach out via the contact form.

I can work onsite if you’re located within Inner Sydney, such as Inner West, CBD, Lower North Shore or Eastern Suburbs.

Full Website Audit & Report

My website needs an SEO health check

I offer full website audits where I provide the error, and the solution. Implementing fixes are usually up to the developer, however, if you’re not on a custom CMS, I could most likely do it. WordPress is my specialty because I can move quickly and have been using it for a long time.

Your SEO health check will go through the following;

  • Security Check
  • SEO Requirement and Recommendation
  • Technical Errors and Solutions
  • Google Penalty Check (If Required)

See here for more information on the above.

I won’t need any login details from you, just your website URL, what you’re targeting in search and why you think you need the health check. If it so happened you have fallen into a penalty, algorithmic or manual, then we will need to discuss how we’re going to get you out.

If you know you’re in a penalty, then see my Penalty Recovery services for more information on what to do next.

Want to know more?

Think I'm the right person for you, but before moving forward you're looking for more top level information with pricing? Click the button to view my Introduction Slideshow.

My website is now first page in all the search terms I wanted and even in top position on a few. Nick was very easy to work with, he understood clearly what I wanted for my business and delivered even quicker than expected. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Ryan Pike, Fashion Photographer

Digital Marketing Strategies

A complete multi-channel solution is within reach. Content, UX Design, Tracking and Optimisation.

Online Market Analysis
Search Market Analysis

How much can you grow? Search Market Share is looked into for maximum growth opportunities.

Advertorials and PR
Link Building

As the link builder for an Agency and owner of, you're in good hands.

Social Media
Social Media

Social media posting, advertising and re-marketing for maximum brand awareness.